You've heard about this disease before. It is a common illness in the body that a lot of people are now suffering. This kind of disease knows no race no gender and even culture. It can come to anyone especially with those who are living an unhealthy lifestyle. On the other hand, people can also have this disease through their genes. This disease happens when your blood sugar level is more than the normal. 

The other important thing that you need to know about this is that it can be from what you are mostly eating. There are now a lot of people who have diabetes. It has two types, the type 1 diabetes and the other one is the type 2 diabetes, It happens because of the lack of supply of insulin in the body. It could also be because the body is unable to produce insulin that is needed. Because of this, patients need to have insulin therapy and drink medications as much as possible However, you should also know that a diabetic patient must also have a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid this or reduce the complications of diabetes. As much as possible, the patient must follow a good diet plan as prescribed by medical health professionals. The good news is that diabetes can be managed and controlled. You have a doctor to help you by constantly monitoring your blood sugar level. This can be done through using blood glucose monitor device so that you can get keep the sugar level in your blood normal. It is not easy to have diabetes, there are some disciplines that you need to keep up with. 


 You have to prevent its risk such as heart attack, kidney failure and more. You can prevent this if you know that your family has it. It can be strongly hereditary in nature. Control your diet too. Being overweight can also put you to high risk of having diabetes. As much as possible, do not enter this path so that you can avoid long term care which is costly and inconvenient for the entire family. You can still live a happy and blessed life with the support of your family and friends. Live a healthy lifestyle, don't smoke tobacco or drink too much alcohol. Instead, continue to be physically active and start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables which are healthy for your body. Learn about blood sugar monitor here!